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"By finding our true purpose and aligning ourselves with that, we can gain access to a completely different understanding of what ‘work’ is, and can be." Ann Lowe, CV writer and ghostwriter 

Your CV is rather like your advert to the universe. The information you decide to include on those two short pages can significantly influence the direction of your life. I find the idea of that really exciting, however many people have said to me that whilst they know they need to write a CV, they put it off because they are not sure what to say, or even where to start.

Granted, there is a lot of information out there about how to write the perfect CV, however it is my experience that if we get get bogged down in the detail and worry too much about how it ’should’ be, the creativity is stifled. In addition, people also share that they come up against the dreaded writers’ block, particularly given that they are being asked to write something that ‘sells’ themselves! When considered from this perspective, it can feel like an unnatural and ‘cringe-inducing’ activity to write a CV, and so having someone to work alongside you – take the pressure off – can really free up the energy for you to explore your talents as they relate to your next career move or job application.

As we work together, writing your CV can become an enjoyable, positive and affirming experience. Previous clients have expressed to me how much they got a lot of enjoyment out of the process, and that they felt more confident in their abilities as a result. An unexpected benefit is that talking through your skills, achievements and previous job roles with another person also gives you wonderful interview practice, and so when the time comes, you can feel more prepared for that too! 

What to expect during our time together 

Writing your CV will involve a blend of face-to-face meetings, phone calls and time for reflection and amendments. 

Before we begin our work together and in advance of our first meeting, I may give you a number of points to consider so that you can begin to prepare. 

We will spend the first hour of our work together talking about you: your experiences, skills, interests, passions and what you want to achieve in life. This first session together is essentially an open forum to explore where you are at in your career: what you’ve enjoyed, what you’re proud of and perhaps also the aspects you don’t enjoy. Through this discussion, I can get a sense of you, and can often go away from this and write the first part of your CV which will include your personal profile, objective, skills and key achievements. 

In a follow up discussion, we then look at your current and previous roles in more detail, exploring the unique ways in which you added value to the organisations you have worked for. I then write this up and send the document to you as a draft, and we work on any changes or amendments until you are completely happy with it. 

What qualifies me to help you? 

Prior to becoming self-employed, I worked for nine years in recruitment and during this time read thousands of CVs and applications. I can instinctively spot a good, well-written one that will stand out and get an interview! 

My interest in helping people to find meaningful, fulfilling work comes from experiencing a lack of connection in my career. For many years, I left my soul at the door when I entered the office, and I know from working with people one-to-one for the last six years that this is not uncommon. Nowadays, I have the pleasure of feeling at one with the work I do, and as a result know that it is possible for others to feel the same (of course, many of the people I work with have already found their purpose and are looking for a way to communicate that in writing and I can certainly help with this too).

I have been a self-employed writer for the last six years, and in this time have ghostwritten three books, and contributed to one other. During this time I have worked with many individuals across the UK, helping them to produce CVs, covering letters and personal statements that have helped them to secure jobs they love. In addition, I have written copy for websites, newsletter articles and over 500 blog posts.

I’ve had a lifelong love of words and their power. When chosen mindfully, words have the capacity to transform, heal, build and inspire. I love helping others to find precisely the right words to communicate their skills, talents and achievements, so that they can offer these gifts to the world through their work. 

In terms of my professional writing qualifications, I studied Literature and Creative Writing in Liverpool, and am currently in the early stages of writing a children’s book. 

CV Writing 

My pricing structure for CV writing depends upon the level of service you would like. I offer the following options: 

  • Design and re-modelling - £50. I will review your current CV and re-design it based upon the information contained. The document you will received back will be enhanced in terms of look, design, layout, grammar, spelling and flow of information. I will place your key skills and achievements at the start of the document and ensure that a recruiter can easily access the most important information. Please note that there is no telephone or face to face consultancy available with this service. 
  • CV writing - students and entry level - £60. A fully personalised CV for those who have recently left education or are starting out in their first role. Includes half an hour of telephone consultation work.
  • CV writing - up to 10 years' experience - £90. A fully personalised CV for those who have up to 10 years work experience. Includes an hour interactive face-to-face or telephone consultation work.
  • CV writing - 20 years' or more experience - £150. A fully personalised CV for those with 20 years or more work experience. Includes two hours of interactive face-to-face or telephone consultation work.
  • Bespoke covering letters and personal statements - £POA. I will write a covering letter or personal statement which is specifically focused to the job which you are applying for. 

For some initial ideas on how to improve your CV, you might with to read my guidance article 'The importance of a great CV'.

LinkedIn profiles - £50 

More and more, employers are using social media sites and in particular LinkedIn to search for suitable candidates for their vacancies. I can set up your LinkedIn profille in such a way that you become attractive to prospecitve recruiters, which includes a personal statement to sell your key skills. In addition, if you would like to learn more about how to maximise the benefits of LinkedIn I can provide a face to face tutorial to explain the features and how build your network.

Interview Coaching - £90.00 

Interview advice, coaching and practice whether you've got 2 weeks to prepare, or your interview is in a day's time!  

All services are based upon the role you are being interviewed for and so I will ask you to email me the job description, your CV, any supporting information and the name of the company in advance of our work.

Interview Coaching includes:

• An exploration of what would be your ‘interview nightmare’, and how to prepare for it
• A mock interview based on the role you are applying for, including competency based questions
• Full, honest feedback on your mock interview with development suggestions
• Support with company research
• Confidence techniques to use on the day
• Preparing questions to ask at the end of the interview
• Full supporting information via email

Interview Coaching can be conducted via Skype, Telephone, or Face-to-Face if you are based in or around Cheshire. We’ll need around 2 hours in total, and this can be staggered over a number of days, depending on your timescales.

I offer discounts to students and those on a low income – contact me for information about this.

I have provided services to individuals in various industries including: healthcare, insurance, pharmaceuticals, facilities, public sector, finance, banking and education, working with counsellors, lawyers, magistrates, members of the MOD, graduates, armed forces personnel, artists, school and college leavers, professional housekeepers, trainers and scientists and many many more....

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Life Coaching Diploma – New Skills Academy
In House Coaching Training from The Resilience Programme
Diploma in Career Coaching
Aspire 360 Degree Licensed Feedback Facilitator
Competency Based Interviewing Techniques
REC Interview Skills
Level 3 Counselling Skills Certificate, BACP
Level 2 Counselling Studies, BACP
Creative Writing Degree from Liverpool University