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Anthony Taylor

About me 

Stress has become the biggest reason for time off work, overtaking muscular-skeletal problems for the first time. We are all facing more sources of stress and pressure as the world we live in becomes more volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous.

The good thing is it doesn’t have to be this way. We can’t avoid those stressors, yet we all have the capacity to deal more effectively with them and to turn our natural responses to our advantage.

Imagine being able to perform to the best of your ability consistently...day in, day out. Imagine feeling less stressed, more in control and confident in your ability to effectively deal with whatever comes your way. 

Workplace stress?..no problem. 

Facing redundancy or other life challenges like divorce?..no problem. 

Important job interview?..no problem. 

Exam pressures?...sure 

Big presentation to clients or the board?..no problem. 

Big sales targets to meet?..no problem. 

Typically clients find working me helps them in the following ways

1 effectively manage and reduce stress and its symptoms 
2 improve their mental strength and resilience
3 perform better under pressure and make better decisions
4 become more influential and better communicators
5 increased confidence
6 further their careers, businesses or pass exams 

I give clients simple tools and techniques that empower them to deal with stress and pressure more efficiently based on the latest neuroscience, cognitive behavioural therapy and solution-focused coaching.

By taking this approach, clients

Re-connect with Value-led behaviour and thinking: it’s easy when stress reaches high levels sometimes to lose sight of your values and standards and life purpose – ‘the difference you were meant to make’. By keeping these in mind, it reduces stress, increases resilience and motivation, and this leads to...

…Sound decision making: I create space and time for clients to make sound decisions based on rational and un-emotive thinking, which in turn…

Builds resilience: personal resilience is like the ocean tides, it’s in a constant state of ebb and flow. Sometimes it’s high and at times quiet. We all have it, and I help clients build theirs up, so they are better able to thrive by using stress to their advantage.


“I found the coaching sessions with Anthony very helpful at a time when I needed to find some space and order when my time was very constrained. Anthony had an excellent manner and was able to help me recognise areas in my life that, if I made small changes, would improve my work/life balance.”  – John Quinton-Barber, Group MD & Founder, Social Communications

“I enjoyed the coaching sessions that I had with Anthony. The sessions were completed via Skype and provided flexibility around work.

“The focus of the meetings was look to improve my confidence at work, although the changes I made were minimal, it just changed my perspective, and ultimately this has helped increase my confidence and assertiveness.

“I felt very relaxed during our sessions and felt that Anthony approach was likeable, a great listener and provided great insight.” – Steph B, Sports Nutritionist at a major UK sports body

“Coaching was a new concept to me, and I found the sessions very helpful, I felt supported and believed in. I think the coaching I have received from Anthony has helped me get on the next rung of the ladder in my career. It has provided me with vital confidence, focus and support.” Beverley W, Head of Communications for a Unitary Authority

“I was unsure about what coaching would be about, and how it differed from counselling to start with. Anthony explained it well, and I found our session quickly moved on to the crux of the matter and allowed me to ask myself lots of questions that I hadn’t thought of before.

"I have become focused as to what I need to do and some actions we talked through have allowed me to make changes. I found it quite tough emotionally which I wasn’t expecting, but I think that also helped with how I now handle certain situations.“ C. Cartwright, Company Director and Mother.

“My sessions with Anthony were informative and helped me to think about coaching differently. Anthony positively challenged some of my perceptions about my work style, but also allowing for some personal problems I was facing.

“Anthony gave me the opportunity to think about some new ideas to help me in the future and my work.” S. Hopper, HR Director, Public Sector

On Resilience training

“It has provided some great techniques that can be used back in the work place and home life. It was engaging and very well presented, and it fully highlighted the need for self-reflection and time out to recoup mental toughness. I will be implementing lots of the tools given in this session with my team”– attendee from a large housing association undergoing a major change programme

Any questions or client referrals, please call me 

Anthony Taylor 

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Divorce Coaching

Mental Strength and Resilience Development


Stress management 

Hours of work

Fridays 9 am to 3 pm

Other times by arrangement


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Prices from £50 per hour for divorce and mental strength coaching