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Fiona Forster

I am a complementary therapist and yoga teacher and have been working in private practice in the Cheshire area for over 15 years.

As I was previously a primary teacher very much from the child-centred model, I feel this has evolved into my current work taking a very personal, holistic approach; I treat people as individuals and not by their labelled diseases.  I am also still about education, taking the time to listen, and along with hands-on therapeutic work often suggesting changes that may improve health and well-being: exercises, work positions and postural supports, healthy eating and hydration for example.

Although I am committed to natural healing, believing that the body has an amazing capacity to heal itself, this is not to the exclusion of mainstream medicine or other help.  An integrative approach is sometimes appropriate and working alongside other professionals can be very successful.

I receive referrals from physiotherapists, osteopaths, and counsellors.  People recommended to combine counseling with body work can find this very rewarding as their mind and body are being supported towards a more natural way of being; one of my physical therapies offering an opportunity to be reminded of what it feels like to switch off the adrenalin and relax.

All the therapies I work with are natural, gentle and support the body towards healing naturally.  The Bowen Technique is my primary therapy, others include Body Massage, Reiki and Ear candling.  Suggestions may also be made for Bach Flowers for emotional support and transformation, based on my long personal experience with these gentle remedies.

I am committed to my own professional development, and this has recently included gentle fascia Bowen which is great for babies and children and those who are very ill.  I'm listed as one of the clinics for children, helping them with long term health/developmental issues, eg cerebral palsy/autism/ADHD etc.  I've also undertaken training to support people towards fertility and conception and through pregnancy.

I love what I do and helping people towards realising their potential. I am lucky that my work is one of my passions and am always happy to discuss what I do and how it may be able to help.

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Contact Information: 

Telephone: 01270 760440
Mobile: 07833 950806


ECBS Certificate for Bowen Technique
ITEC Diploma Anatomy and Physiology
Reiki Master and Teacher
Ear Candling certificate
Dru Yoga Diploma for Personal Development and Yoga Teaching
ITEC Diploma Body Massage
BSc Hons Psychology
PGCE Teaching