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Kathy Herring

I am a psychotherapist specialising in trauma and attachment.  I offer individual sessions with adults or children, sessions with child and parent together or work with parents to support their child.

I offer:

  • EMDR for adults
  • EMDR for children
  • Trauma therapy
  • Attachment-based therapy
  • Adult and child attachment assessments
  • Psychotherapy
  • Advice and support for parents/carers
  • Play Therapy

Play Therapy
Children think by doing.  They communicate with their behaviour and learn about the world through play.  As a Play Therapist I am able to enter the child’s world to discover their thoughts, feelings and concerns and to help them grow or recover from difficult experiences.  Children may act out their feelings with difficult or unusual behaviour or they may hide their feelings by becoming withdrawn.  If you are concerned about your child and would like some help I will first discuss your concerns then spend some time watching the child play to find out about theirs.  I can then support you with ways you can help your child and can offer Play Therapy sessions to support the child.  Children can be very resilient and given a therapeutic space to explore usually know just what they need to do.

The quality of the bond between a child and their carers is known to affect every aspect of a child’s development and the quality of their future relationships.  Early disruptions to infant relationships for example; hospitalisation, illness, bereavement, separation, post-natal depression, drug use, parent's attachment issues, can lead to difficulties in the parent child bond, which can, in turn, lead to emotional and behavioural difficulties.  Serious difficulties around attachment leave a child at risk of serious mental health difficulties in the future.

I am a member of EMDR UK and Ireland and the British Association of Play Therapists and I am bound by their code of ethics and I have regular supervision

Contact Kathy Herring

Contact Information: 

07951 015 491


Adult sessions- 1 hour £40, 1.5 hours £60
Child sessions- £50


Post-Graduate Diploma Play Therapy
Certificate in Counselling Skills