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Mike Johnson


Thank you for taking a look at my therapist page.

I am just wondering if I can convey to you a realistic sense of how you might experience psychotherapy if we did work together … Well, I guess that requires considerable imagination from both of us!

Our willingness

Obviously, we need to spend some time in conversation together when we can each bring our own areas of expertise to our joint endeavour. It is our mutual willingness to engage in a therapy relationship that makes advantageous life-change a possibility.

Our time together

It is natural that you choose the topics we talk about during our time together.
My task, with your consent, is to help you focus on emotionally sensitive experiences that emerge in what you tell me.
Together we function as a sort of ‘biofeedback loop’ to help you notice and reduce anxiety that pushes down emerging feelings.
Also, I draw your attention to ways you divert my attention away from our focus and distract yourself from full awareness of your experience.

Your impression?

I am more actively involved in the conversation than many people expect.
Our emotional focus leads into careful exploration of thoughts, ideas and recurring life-patterns.

Contact Mike Johnson

Contact Information: 

Phone: 07817 570091


First Session: £50 per hour and a half
Subsequent Sessions: £40-50 per hour; or, £60 per hour and a half


MA in Counselling Studies (University of Manchester)
Accredited by the ‘British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy’