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Shirley Brocklehurst

Shirley Brocklehurst

Welcome.  And thank you for your interest in my work.

Perhaps you have landed on this page because – for whatever reason – life isn’t going well for you, and you want to look at things another way.  Maybe you are experiencing emotional difficulties along with physical pain or discomfort, or you might have medically unexplained symptoms.  It could be your body is telling you something is not right.

If you are finding that the things that used to work for you no longer do, it seems logical that more of the same is not going to get you somewhere different.  Maybe I can help?

I am an experienced Dance Movement Psychotherapist working in private practice with adults throughout Cheshire.  

The connection between mind and body is fundamental to my work, which recognises that what happens in one affects the other, acknowledging that movement embraces the psychological and transpersonal (spiritual) dimensions as well as the physical.

I am a person-centred practitioner but consciously draw on a range of therapeutic models resulting in a humanistic integrative approach, working with all these dimensions and bringing them into harmony with each other.  Despite the ‘D’ word in the title, dance skills are not required to access Dance Movement Psychotherapy (DMP). The route into the profession for the Dance Movement Psychotherapist is through dance, and this underpins and informs our knowledge of the moving body, but for the client, the focus is on the creative therapeutic process.  The fundamental concepts of my work are embodied in emotion and kinaesthetic (movement-related) empathy. My practice is also underpinned by the principles of body-oriented psychotherapy and the cognitive discipline of mindfulness. Paying attention to non-verbal and verbal communication, the process may at times include rhythm, posture, gesture, mime, movement patterns and shapes.  

The theoretical foundations of DMP include developmental psychology, phenomenology of body experiences, affective neuroscience, non-verbal interaction and movement behaviour, body memory systems, embodied cognition and social psychology, which results in a therapeutic process that encourages creative expression to bring healing, insight, learning and personal growth.  In simpler terms this means that, through the creative process and mindful movement, I support my clients as they explore their inner world and personal stories, working through their difficulties, developing their strengths and finding expression.  Over time, we link body awareness with emotional awareness and creatively identify ways of adapting and living in the world.

DMP will allow you to move, to go with the flow of what you are feeling and experiencing. In today’s society we are encouraged to be mindful, and often this is associated with remaining quiet, DMP will promote mindfulness, but not necessarily stillness.   You will be invited to notice body issues and to process them.  In this way, we can address many concepts including, but not limited to, anger, self-esteem and depression.

I have worked with clients experiencing the effects of grief, depression, abuse, addiction and emotional difficulties, as well as conditions such as Dementia, Autism, Schizophrenia and Bi-Polar Disorder.  I also work with clients seeking personal growth self-exploration or self-understanding. I also work in groups with people who have Parkinson’s as well as adults with profound and multiple learning difficulties in local authority services.

Organisations I have worked with include Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Greater Manchester West Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust and Mersey Care NHS Trust as well as the Centre for Psychiatry, Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine at Queen Mary University, London.  I also work with Age UK Cheshire, Cheshire Dance, Parkinson’s UK (Crewe and District Branch), a variety of care organisations and service providers, and am about to embark on a research project with Edge Hill University.

The governing body for my profession is the Association for Dance Movement Psychotherapy (ADMP UK), which is a member of the Humanistic Integrative Psychotherapy college of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP).

To book an appointment or find out more, please contact me on 07760428554.

My website is www.wellkin.co.uk.

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Contact Information: 

07760 428554


£40 per session


MA in Dance Movement Psychotherapy
Association for Dance Movement Psychotherapy (ADMP UK)
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