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Tianne Croshaw


Inspiring personal, professional and organisational transformation

Since 1999, Tianne Croshaw has enabled individuals, groups and organisations across the UK to achieve significant, lasting change through her unique Mind Coaching system. Well known for her ability to quickly build relationships, understand core issues and get results, Tianne is consistently called upon by individuals and businesses alike to provide support for a variety of challenges and has directly impacted the lives of people across the country with her one to one mind coaching, multimedia products, public speaking engagements, and workshops. In addition to her private practice, Tianne is also co-founder of The Resilience Programme. 

Mind Coaching is so much more than Life Coaching
Tianne uses a blended approach from a variety of disciplines (including NLP, Hypnotherapy, Jungian Psychology, Emotional Freedom Technique), to teach people how to programme their minds so that  they can achieve positive results. She says ‘I teach simple techniques so that you can literally change the course of your life’. Whether an individual is looking to minimise stress, become more mentally and emotionally  resiliently, or an organisation is looking to reduce absenteeism, Tianne will first and foremost listen to the issues and then utilise only the tools and techniques that will bring about the most significant change. 

It’s all about you
Through helping you understand yourself better, affirmations, repetition, and visualisation techniques, Tianne helps individuals to achieve emotional resilience and maturity, overcome limiting beliefs, and achieve goals. People who have been coached by Tianne often describe an instantaneous comfort and connection. Indeed, Tianne feels entirely ‘at home’ in her role, and prides herself on setting aside all external influences to give her clients the time and space to grow. Further below are some testimonials which bring these claims to life. 

What Tianne can help with 
Stress Mastery, Resilient Thinking, Confidence, Motivation, Goal Setting, Weight Management, Stopping Smoking, Career Development, Executive/business Coaching

Personal background

Tianne credits her background and upbringing when explaining her affinity with this type of work. Being raised by parents who were both Psychiatric Nurses, she developed a lifelong fascination in human nature and behaviour. Throughout her life Tianne has experienced and flourished through personal adversity, and feels confident that she ‘walks the talk’ in relation to what she teaches her clients. She is committed to her own personal and spiritual growth, and to this end has trained as a Reiki Practitioner. She enjoys offering this additional service to clients when apppropriate.

Get in touch

Tianne can be contacted through The Hope Street Centre on 01270 764003 or you can call her directly on 07779 050307. You can also send her an email to info@tiannecroshaw.com . Whilst Tianne does not operate a waiting list system, there may be times when her schedule means she can’t reply immediately. Please do leave a message and Tianne will call you back as soon as she is free.


Tianne has excellent skills in communication. She listens, explores, understands and then again tests her situational understanding. These are skills rarely practiced at this level. Within minutes she is able to hone in with pinpoint accuracy at all of the different areas that someone is working upon in their life, she knows their road blocks, frustrations and the right buttons to inspire. The material she produces balances both the positive and not so positive areas. I can recommend her work to you – you will not be disappointed.' Richard Staniszewski, Sales Director - ProSpec Joinery

'The resilience training opened up a new way of thinking for me.  I was able to read myself better and to spot when I needed to take a few minutes out to collect my thoughts.  This training has given me life long tools to guide me through the inevitable challenges that we all face. Through Tianne I was able to redirect my thoughts from the child to the adult in me to face the things that were holding me back.

Mind coaching should be considered by all business managers seeking to improve either their own performance, that of their staff – or both!  I know that I have personally benefited considerably by using the mind-coaching techniques I learnt with MetaMind.  I’ve developed new, more positive behavioural traits to replace those that had previously prevented me from achieving the things I knew that I was capable of but just didn’t seem to be doing.  All it takes is some honesty, and open mind and a willingness to improve.' Tim Bean -  Marketing Director

“Even during those stressful moments the little voice in my head that used to scream BUY SOME CIGARETTES has gone. Tianne I cannot thank you enough and will definitely point smokers in your direction.” Ben Nicholson, Director - Slicedbread

“I’d just like to say a huge thank you for the help you have given my kids. My 17 year old son has become more relaxed and focused, is sleeping better and is more like the person I love so much! My 10 year old, who has been feeling very insecure and un-liked, is now brighter and happier and a real joy to be with! Thank you so much for the support you have shown them, it will help them for the rest of their lives.” Kate Harvey – Wellbeing Director

“Having had a drinking habit for a number of years I decided that something needed to be done, but what? I picked up a leaflet on Hypnotherapy, read it and thought I wonder if this could help. I didn’t know what to expect, never having been subject to this sort of thing before. I contacted Tianne, she immediately put me at ease, her non judgemental approach was not only inspiring and helpful but also fun. I am now making conscious decisions in all sorts of aspects not just in the amount of alcohol I drink. I cannot recommend her too highly. Thank you, Tianne.” Julie, Police Officer

“Having met Tianne in February for the first time after a recommendation from a friend, as I was in a terrible mess emotionally.  I can honestly say, that she has totally helped me to turn a very horrible 3 years around and move forward with my life.  She is very welcoming, easy to talk to and just a fantastic Mind coach!  After just 3 sessions I feel alive again and ready to face what comes my way, I smile and laugh and just feel so much better, I still have down moments, we all do but I know how to get through them. I feel a strong bond with he. She has an amazing soothing voice and lovely manner. I can’t thank her enough and hopefully will stay in touch.” Jane Bourne –Gift Buyer / Developer

“Myself and my mum first met Tianne following the terribly sad loss of my beloved dad.  Tianne was a beacon of hope and positivity during a very difficult time and made a huge difference in helping myself and my mum come to terms with our dreadful loss.  In happier circumstances, over the past year I have worked with Tianne a number of times, both personally and professionally, and I must say that she is the most positive, inspirational and inspiring person I have ever met, in fact she is my role model for life.  Thank you Tianne!” Georgie Hartley – Director Totally Aktive

“I lent my copy of Calm Zone to my hairdresser for her husband to try.  When I saw her today she couldn’t stop talking about the difference it had made to them both.  Her husband is going through a bad time at work due to a poor relationship with his new boss and when I last saw her she told me he was waking in the night, finding it difficult to switch off when he came home and was also becoming quite an angry person, very different to the man she knows he really is.  None of the usual relaxation methods he tried were working for him; so I suggested he tried your CD to see if it would help.  She admitted she was a bit sceptical and borrowed it just to be polite; but one evening when things reached a real low point she decided to try it for herself, to great effect.  She couldn’t believe how quickly she was transported away from everything that was going on around her.  When she told her husband what had happened he tried it too and had a very similar experience.  She says that things are improving for him at work and believes that it’s the fact that he is being so much more positive than he was. She says that when she finds that beach for real she’s buying it! I knew you’d want to know.  So there you have it, you angel - you made a change and never even knew it (not till now anyway). Never stop making a difference Tianne - it’s what you were born to do.” Claire



Contact Tianne Croshaw

Contact Information: 

Telephone: 07779 050307


£70 per session for private clients
£100 for not for profit/charity clients
£120 per session for corporate clients


DipHSM, DipAH, Master Practitioner, Reiki 2