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Are you drinking within healthy limits?

Are you sometimes confused about what constitutes a single unit of alcohol? Or would you like to know what ‘healthy limits’ actually means? In this article, we give some straightforward, easy to follow information that will allow you to calculate how much alcohol you are drinking and establish whether it falls within healthy limits.

Did you know that...

Woman should drink no more than 14 units per week (2-3 units a day) and men no more than 21 units per week (3-4 units a day). It is recommended that you don’t drink everyday and have at least 2 drink free days per week preferably 2 consecutive days.

The average person breaks down 1 unit of alcohol every hour but this process only begins when you have stopped drinking. For example, an individual goes out and has 5 pints of regular strength lager and stops drinking at 11pm, it will take approx ten hours for his liver to process the ten units and therefore it is likely that the alcohol won’t be out of his system until after 9am the following morning.

Do you know your units ?

Wine/champagne (12%)
75cl bottle = 9 units
125ml glass = 1.5 units

Standard beer (3.5%)
1 pint = 2 units

Premium beer/lager/cider (5%)
1 pint = 3 units
440ml can = 2.2 units
330ml bottle = 1.7 units

Spirits (40%)
25ml (small) measure = 1 unit
35ml (large) measure = 1.4 units
70ml (large double) = 2.8 units

Sherry/Port (17.5%)
75cl bottle = 15 units
50ml glass = 1 unit 

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