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Cheshire Autism Diagnostic Service at The Hope Street Centre

From October 2011, the Cheshire Autism Diagnostic Service will be providing clinics at The Hope Street Centre. The service offers assessment of children and young people who have a suspected autism spectrum disorder.

Autism spectrum disorders include autism and Asperger's syndrome and occur in around 1% of children. The child with an autism spectrum disorder can have problems communicating, playing, and interacting with others. They may also find it difficult to cope with change, or show repetitive behaviours and interests. All of these problems can affect a child’s ability to get on at school, at home, and with other children. 

The Cheshire Autism Diagnostic Service is run by Dr Leonard Thornton (consultant child and adolescent psychiatrist) and Mrs Gillian Benson (principal speech and language therapist).  Both have experience in the assessment and management of autism spectrum disorders and for over 14 years ran an autism diagnostic service within the NHS.

For further information about the Cheshire Autism Diagnostic Service and to find out how to get in touch, click here.


daughter Lilly

tje lilly is 10 and I’ve had problems with her since she was 2. She is getting worse as she’s getting older and I now worry for her future. Through my gp I have tried 3 times to get Lilly assessed by camhs but each time it has been rejected. They have asked the school to do various things with her which is great because she is never naughty in school s he lets it build up and takes it out on everyone when she gets home. She explodes at the slightest thing and I’m now frightened to upset her when she gets home. She hates change and if we have plans we need to change at the last minute all hell breaks loose. She has always collected small items whether they be marbles or key rings she always lines them up in order then she puts them away and gets the next thing out of the drawer. She can’t stand water being sprayed on her skin or she explodes again. She won’t wear certain types of fabric or anything that might irritate her skin. All labels have to be removed from clothing and coats and she hayes anything  too long especially School skirts. It’s a constant battle I’m so drained I feel I’m unable to cope with her for much longer. I’m desperate for a diagnosis as Lilly is due to take the queens school entrance test in January and don’t want to push her too far beyond her abilities. This is just a small part of her behaviour and camhs seem to think it’s a behavioural problem but they have never seen her in action in a bad mood. She snaps at everyone at the slightest thing and is becoming increasingly aggressive. She hits out at everyone except me she is a very strong girl. She’s actually hurting people and I don’t know what to do about it. I think she’s suffering from anxiety as I have had it in the past and recognise the signs. I never even thought she could be autistic but after a phone call from camhs where they suggested she could be aspergic I started to worry they could be right 


Daughter Lilly

Dear Rachael, thank you for commenting on here and sharing what's happening for you and your daughter. It sounds like some support would be beneficial for you both right now. Would you be willing to share your email or telephone number with us, so that I can get you to the right person. Rather than do it on here, you can call on the main telephone number for the Centre which is 01270 764003. Warmest wishes to you both, Ann 


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