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Childhood Sexual Abuse …the struggle to be believed.

Childhood Sexual Abuse …the struggle to be believed.

Recent disclosures in the media have revealed the difficulties experienced by victims of sexual abuse, in relation to why survivors are blamed and finding treatment is difficult. In an article on this site, Hope Street Centre Psychotherapist Jessicca Woolliscroft discusses childhood sexual abuse, from the point of view of her experiences in researching the provision of services to survivors.

Jessica says 'I have like many been affected by the revelations about Jimmy Savile and his collaborators abusing children and vulnerable people over decades; also the inadequate police and social services responses to sexually abused girls in Bradford and the news that a police team set up to tackle sex trafficking is to be disbanded. These stories have prompted me to revisit some research work that I did for the NHS back in 2004 when I was the coordinator of the Childhood Sexual Abuse Focus Group for East Cheshire and a psychotherapist working within the NHS.'

Although Jessica's article describes the difficulties many survivors have faced in accessing appropriate help, the situation is better now than it has been for years. Crewe police have recently put out a full page advert in the local newspaper inviting members of the public to contact them if they have experienced childhood or ‘historical abuse’. There are therapists based at the Hope Street Centre who are specifically trained and experienced in working with childhood trauma including sexual abuse …for more information contact The Hope Street Centre for a referral.


To read Jessica's full article click here.

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