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The Everybodies guide to the Drama Triangle

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"Due to its simplicity, the insights gained by having an understanding of The Drama Triangle can stay with people for life. This is because, once people see for themselves how they are acting out The Drama Triangle and its dysfunctional role with their loved ones, co-workers, friends, and strangers for that matter, they are less likely to respond using old patterns of behaviour. It is a great tool for helping us to raise self-awareness and can act as a ‘go-to’ model when we need to step back and analyse what’s really going on."
With The Everybodies Guide To The Drama Triangle, we're invited to entertain the possibility of another way.  After almost twenty years as a psychotherapist, Maurice Tomkinson sensed the negative effects of living out The Drama Triangle in almost everyone who stepped into his consulting room. Even – and often especially – those who appeared on the surface to be confident, assertive and successful.
With help from the much-loved Everybodies family, The Drama Triangle booklet offers us all the gift of transformation. Simply by raising awareness of how we play certain 'roles' in our dialogues with others, we can begin to transform every area of our interpersonal relationships.
The benefits include:
  • How to quickly recognise the Victim, Rescuer, Persecutor roles;
  • A case study which describes The Drama Triangle in action;
  • How to develop the Adult in you and move off the triangle for good;
  • A simple look at how life can be different when we are aware of The Drama Triangle;
  • Success stories of people who have transformed their relationships and how they see themselves.
We hope you enjoy reading and please do let us have your feedback. We’d love to hear how it has helped to transform your relationships for the better.

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A Kindle version is also available for £3.99 by clicking this link.