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Improving Health and Wellbeing for Men - with Reflexology

Reflexologist, Caroline Fallon, who has worked from the Centre since 2001 is organizing two events as part of World Reflexology Week (WRW).  This year she is focusing on raising awareness of 'Men's Health' issues and encouraging men to give the therapy a try.

A 'taster' evening has been organised on Wednesday 26th September for any newsletter readers, men and women, (who pre-book) and any therapist who wishes to experience reflexology, including Vertical Reflex Therapy (VRT) (explained further in the article).  A small charge of £7 will be made on the evening but this will be deducted from a full treatment.  

{C}Apart from the usual benefits that people say about reflexology; that it can support people living with certain illnesses, help relaxation, improve mood, aid sleep and relieve tension... Caroline had a good result from a male client recently.

Case Study

Caroline, who is a full member of the Association of Reflexologists, says “that using reflexology as a first step to explore where there might be some imbalances in the body, can often reveal what the problem is!”.   A male client who had a series of four treatments said during a short consultation that he was 'not feeling 100%' and 'needed a new direction in his life'.  Reflexology gave him time away from other distractions to let him recoup in a 'holistic' way, totally relax, and even to catch up on some sleep.  Sleep disturbances had also been troubling him.  We also brought in some minor lifestyle changes and suggestions for improving his digestion; one being an increase of water drinking.  After the third treatment he was well on his way to feeling more positive, slowly gaining more quality sleep, enjoying his food more and now continues to have maintenance treatments about once a month.”  The client here needed to see 'tangible benefits' and this was possible when Caroline discussed the improvements she was seeing and feeling in the reflexes on the feet.  Besides reflexology training Caroline did a diploma in 'nutrition for therapists' back in 2004 and, this has helped many clients help themselves through better food choices.  Sometimes the therapist needs to be reminded too, ... as we are all human with our own weaknesses!!!

Testimonial - Relaxation and improvement in digestion. 

"If you have not had reflexology before it can seem a little strange that someone is applying pressure to various parts of your feet!  However, you will soon discover that this is a most relaxing experience as well as helping your body restore it's natural balance. At my last session I am sure that I nodded off a couple of times during the treatment!  

My food appears to be digested quicker and my appetite has improved. Whilst I am not eating more food than I usually do I am enjoying it more. Drinking a glass of water 30 minutes to an hour beforehand is a useful tip I learned from Caroline to help prepare the stomach for the intake of food."

Over the last couple of decades the role of 'man' in the workplace has changed; less manual work, more redundancies, early retirement, trying to keep up with a faster changing world it's not surprising more and more are suffering from stress, anxiety and tension.

Caroline is also offering reflexology taster treatments at Sandbach Rugby Club during WRW after one of their training sessions.  She's focusing on any sportsmen injuries and how reflexology might help them and is using a short but highly effective technique called Vertical Reflex Therapy (VRT) that Lynne Booth first discovered which focuses on working the weight-bearing dorsal reflexes of the foot rather than the familiar plantar or sole where the main reflexes are conventionally situated. ”Lynne's research appears to indicate that all reflexes can not only be accessed through the dorsum (top of the foot or hands) but that the body is more responsive to a healing and energetic stimulation when treated briefly in a weight-bearing position. It has been suggested that VRT can reach deeper - possibly new - reflexes, allowing homeostasis or balance to be achieved in a shorter time.”

Lynne Booth HMAR, gives us an insight into providing reflexology for men from her own experience.  “Reflexology is increasingly becoming one of the first choice therapies for clients who suffer from many health conditions, especially those such as sleep/stress disorders and musculoskeletal issues.  It also has great appeal as a gentle, relaxing, holistic therapy for fit people who wish to keep well.  In over 20 years of reflexology practice I have seen the number of male clients greatly increase as more men seek out complementary care, recognising the holistic benefits.  The type of clients can range from small boys, professional sportsmen, business men and those involved in heavy manual work, as well as older men - some in sheltered housing or care homes who discover complementary therapies for the first time to try and alleviate their growing health issues.”

Why wait for the next holiday?  Release your tension today, with reflexology!

For more information, please contact Caroline Fallon MAR.

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