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A testimonial from a key client who have embraced The Resilience Programme for the last 3 years and experienced unprecedented results.

In recent years, our site has made a significant investment into The Resilience Programme, which fully supports one of our culture aspirations: ‘We want people to be truly valued’.

The development strategy is to encompass productivity, costs, leadership and to have a fully engaged workforce who believe that this site is a great place to work. This programme demonstrates the Senior Leadership Team’s commitment to this strategy.

The programme has enabled individuals at all levels in the organisation, to equip themselves with a set of tools and techniques so that they are prepared and ready to manage significant change. There is now a common language and open culture across the site where it is legitimate to seek help and support and to pre-empt problems and issues.

The sustained achievement of zero stress-related absences over a 3 year period is a significant success and comes against a backdrop of some concerning reports around stress in the workplace. According to the CIPD, over 40% of organisations are reporting an increase in absence due to stress, with the North West of England having the highest levels of absence across the UK. Whilst this points to a need for work to be done, our achievement appears all the more impressive when placed into this context.

The programme has clearly demonstrated how interventions at a personal level can keep us ahead of our competitors:

1) Recruiting the best people. Creating a positive working environment helps to attract and retain the best talent.

2) Vision and strategic direction. Leaders who know how to inspire and create vision can take a team forwards even through the most challenging situations.

3) Productivity and performance. An understanding of individual drivers can help to bring out the best in people.

4) Creativity. Reducing stress opens up space for creativity, which can enable the business to stay in touch with the rapidly changing market and respond to the need for innovation

4) Working better together. Improving relationships and communication enables teams to work collaboratively towards the same goal

This innovation can be reproduced very easily in other sites / organisations. The successful outcome of this programme really does demonstrate that significant gains can be achieved through the passion and commitment of staff in a team and it is the mind- set you bring to the challenges you face that makes all the difference.

For our site, it is wonderful to see the positive results achieved from putting this learning into practice. 

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