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The Maccas Project - supporting the wellbeing of young men in the North Staffs area

The Maccas Project

We are pleased to share information about The MACCAS project, which has evolved through the sudden loss of Thomas McCauley.

The Maccas Project was born in memory of Thomas McCauley in the hope to support the emotional well being & mental health of young men in North Staffs area. The Facebook paaage set up in his memory goes on to explain:

'Tom, or Maccas as he was widely known, was a typical young man. He came from a loving and supportive family and was popular amongst his friends who would describe him as a brilliant, quiet genius. In 2011 Tom was diagnosed with Psychosis and had been struggling to come to terms with this, finding escape in music and creative arts, but everyday was a battle.

In August last year, aged 19, Thomas committed suicide.

In light of this sudden heartbreak Tom’s family and friends began fundraising for North Staffs Younger Mind, in the hope that tragedies like this could be prevented in the future. This began with the donation made at Tom’s funeral and it was at that point that we at Younger Mind realised this money was for something different, something special, something far greater than resources for basic equipment or money in the bank.

And so in memory of Tom the MACCAS project was born. The project is specifically aimed at adolescent Males emotional well being and mental health in the North Staffs area. It is an innovative opportunity and will be the only project locally at this time focusing purely on Young males.'

If you would like to find out more visit www.nsmind.org.uk/youngermind/

or visit the dedicated Facebook site https://www.facebook.com/TheMaccasProject/info


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