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Moving towards a toxin free diet

Moving towards a toxin free diet

Simple, everyday lifestyle changes that you can easily implement to improve your health 

Have you noticed that your health and energy levels just aren’t as they once were? Or that you are experiencing aches, pains, or mental confusion that appear to defy medical diagnosis? Perhaps you have been to see your GP, only to be told that the pain you have in your body is down to the natural ageing process. 'Wear and tear', as it is so readily referred to. 
Whilst there is no denying that our bodies change as we get older, research that we have been undertaking here at The Hope Street Centre has identified that an alarming number of the chronic health issues that human beings are currently experiencing may be a result of weedkiller that is used on the crops we regularly purchase and consume. You can read more about this and the accompanying research here. 
The food we eat is having an impact on us at a fundamental, cellular level. Much of what we buy on a daily basis couldn’t even be described as ‘food’. We only need look at the NHS – stretched to breaking point as a result of the numbers of people who are struggling with long-term health issues – to see that we need to learn to live better and differently. The rise of illnesses that are linked to lifestyle and diet – diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure to name a few – are putting an incredible strain on our healthcare systems and if the reports are to be believed, this is set to worsen as more and more people become unwell. 
At The Hope Street Centre, we feel it is more important than ever for people to take their health into their own hands and begin to make steps to consume a more basic, organic diet that is either sourced locally or grown at home. Many of us rely on the medical world to ‘fix’ our health complaints whilst we continue to consume a diet that is detrimental to our health. If we wish to improve our health, if we really want to get well, then the first step is to acknowledge that there is much we can do in order to fix ourselves. 
There are many people who are already doing this, and so if you're reading this and thinking 'I know all of this' then great. Keep going! The sad truth is that there are many people who aren't. It is those we are hoping to reach with this message. 
Our suggestion also requires a shift from the approach adopted by many medical experts. Rather than encourage a toxin free diet in order to cure chronic pain or arthritis, GPs – lacking the time and perhaps the will to look deeper into the solutions – are more likely to prescribe pills and send you on your way. 
Instead of pill popping, we are hoping to inspire and challenge you to take your health back into your own hands and learn more about the food you consume… Becoming a conscious consumer is by no means taking the easy route. Packaging and labelling can be confusing, choices are more limited and we need to change our behaviour, particularly in regard to convenience foods. No mean feat, however we feel it is worth it… 
Seeking out alternatives to pills 
The solution we have been exploring is simple in theory, although not so easy in practice. We are advocating a switch to an organic diet and cooking from scratch. As a cash rich, time poor society, we have become increasingly detached from our food sources… and this is reflected in our health and wellbeing to a massive extent. 
We recognise through our own research that seeking out food sources that are reliably organic isn’t straightforward and will take time and effort. Organic standards vary from country to country, and even foods displaying an organic label may not necessarily be 100% organic. 
This is why we will be reviewing and sharing information on the pages here and would ask that if you are aware of any local organisations who supply good quality, organic food, that you leave a comment together with a description of your experience. The more that we can share information and resources with one another, the better. 
It’s probably worth restating at this point to say that making a switch to a cleaner way of living takes both time and energy. It isn’t something that happens overnight but is more of an ongoing process. It also takes planning, preparation and addiction to living a different life. It means bringing food and the matter of your health into the foreground within your life and making it a priority. There is currently a premium on buying organic food and so if you have a desire to change your health for the better then it will mean perhaps giving up on other luxuries. Or taking the steps to grow your own food, something we will also cover as this blog evolves. 
Why should you work towards eating a cleaner, toxin-free diet? 
Well, for a start, food that has not been contaminated with a myriad of herbicides and pesticides is much safer and far better for you. It is likely to have more nutritional value, meaning that whilst it may be more expensive to purchase, you’ll need less of it in order to be getting the essential vitamins and nutrients your body needs in order to survive and thrive. This means more energy for your interests, hobbies, work, family and friends. More energy for life itself. Imagine what you could and would want to accomplish if you had the energy to do what you wanted to do?  
In future blogs we are going to be sharing with you some simple, straightforward recipes that you can make at home, even in a limited space and on a limited budget. 
Worried that an organic, natural diet may not be as filling? 
We’d suggest that you give it a try. You’ll be amazed at how, when your body begins to get the nutrition it needs, that cravings disappear. There is no doubt that by attempting to eliminate toxins from your diet, there will be a vast array of foods in shops that you aren’t going to be able to eat. The good news is that after a period of time, you aren’t going to want to. 
The timeframe will depend on you, your body, individual circumstances and the drive that is behind wanting to make a change. Some people are encouraged by a family member such as a spouse who wants them to lose weight or improve their health. For these people, the drive isn’t coming from within and there is often a greater chance of slipping back into old habits. 
Whatever your reason for wanting to make a shift, the key is to make small changes that are going to be sustainable over time. Changing everything all in one go is actually less effective than making one small change with a good intention every day. This one change will create a snowball effect that can ultimately lead to a complete sea change in your health over time. 
Remember, our approach and attitude to food is deeply ingrained in the individual and cultural psyche and so any modifications we make are likely to trigger some in built beliefs, emotions and possibly even addictions.
If you find yourself getting anxious, angry or depressed, then remind yourself that your fight or flight response is likely being activated by some of the habits you are letting go of. 
Getting started 
To avoid feeling overwhelmed, we have provided some very simple recipes and suggestions on this site in order to get you started. You’ll find easy to cook recipes that don’t cost much and that may actually save you time. Keep checking in for more information as our blog develops. 






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