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Reducing Blood Pressure, Naturally

High blood pressure can be a confusing health problem for many.  For more than 90%  of those with it the cause is unknown.  The condition is sometimes referred to as ‘essential hypertension’ which makes it sound like something you ‘must have’ when nothing could be further from the truth!  Many sufferers are totally unaware they have it because they are symptom free.   When most patients are presented with the diagnosis of hypertension they assume they will simply start taking pills, without first exploring their options to find out if there is a safer or better way.

Raised blood pressure is not a disease in itself. It is just a sign of some underlying disorder.  Although many people are treated with drugs for the condition, there is no medical cure.  It is recognised that stress, anxiety, anger and fear are the most common psychological contributors to high blood pressure and can cause an instant increase. Fortunately high blood pressure may be helped with common sense, simple dietary and lifestyle changes and natural remedies. 

An apple and stethescopeLowering stress and anxiety levels will also lower blood pressure. When visiting a Homeopath you may be told that the approach won’t be to treat your blood pressure specifically, but to determine the cause holistically, which means we consider both physical and emotional symptoms to be of equal importance.

Using symptoms, Homeopaths conclude which remedy will have the most beneficial healing response within the body. Each individual with high blood pressure is treated on an individual basis, and may even receive slightly different remedies based on their needs. High blood pressure is a serious condition and it is recommended that Homeopathy should be used in a complementary role alongside conventional medicine.   The Homeopathic approach places great emphasis on working to improve overall health and well being which, in turn, helps us cope better with the kind of situations that created the strong emotions originally.  If you would like to have a chat about how I can possibly help you please contact me on 01872 262 519 or email dave@complementaryhealth4u.co.uk


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