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The story of The Sanctuary

The story of The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary evolved out of a sequence of events.

My therapy practice led me to realise just what a big impact stress was having in the lives of so many people. A steady stream of people - teachers, NHS workers, executives - were arriving with very similar symptoms, often very debilitating and life changing. I did some research and put together a leaflet called Overcoming stress in the workplace. With the help of Ann Lowe this was developed into a pack of information that businesses could use as the basis for a workplace stress management process.

With the encouragement of a major corporate client, Ann and I then joined forces with Tianne Croshaw who was offering stress mastery training to organisations, and The Resilience Programme was born. We had several very enjoyable years and developed the programme to the point where it was bringing great results.

It was while researching for the Resilience Programme that I started investigating tipping points, the moment in time where a situation flips from one stable state to another, where it can be incredibly difficult to go back. This was when I started reading about climate change in the Arctic. Several climate scientists were claiming that the Arctic region was close to a tipping point, involving the melting of permafrost and the release of vast quatities of trapped methane gas.

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