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Support for women and children escaping domestic abuse in Cheshire East

Arch is a registered charity offering support and advice to a range of people across Staffordshire and Cheshire. We work with people who are in housing need, families in need of support, victims and perpetrators of domestic violence and people seeking to return to education, training and employment.

The aim is to offer a safe and secure environment for women and children escaping Domestic Abuse, to enable them to reflect and make their own decisions, which may include resettlement into independent living in the community. There are 10 units of accommodation in Crewe.


Lorraine House is a 6 bedroom, self catering refuge, which offers each customer/family, a lockable bedroom with access to shared bathroom facilities. Included in the refuge, is a communal kitchen, dining area, a lounge, counselling/prayer room and play room.
Additionally they have two adjoined two bed roomed houses in a very close proximity to Lorraine House, these houses are unstaffed. A lockable bedroom is provided and the kitchen, lounge and bathroom facilities are shared. Customers of these houses are provided with a Key Worker and appropriate support in the same format as Lorraine House.

Lorraine House is equipped with an outdoor children’s play area, and adult seating area.

The rents are fully inclusive and are an average of £200 per week. There is a weekly service charge, paid by the customer, of approximately £14/15 per week

If a customer is in receipt of welfare benefits, the rent will usually be covered by Housing Benefit. Women who are employed may still be able to claim Housing Benefit but may need to pay a short fall themselves if Housing Benefit doesn’t cover the whole rent.

Who is eligible for the service?

  • Women and women with children
  • Women aged 18-65
  • Women aged 16-17 who are pregnant and or who have children
  • Women who are in housing need because of Domestic Abuse
  • Women who are willing to accept support in relation to their housing needs
  • Women who are willing to engage with additional support services, where this is appropriate

Who is not eligible for the service?

We do not operate any exclusions criteria as such, however, we are not able to accommodate women and children who require a 24 hour staffing presence.

  • Male children over the age of 12
  • Women with pets
  • Women and children who would be at continued risk of abuse through accessing our services in the Crewe or Cheshire area

For further information please contact:

Arch (North Staffs) Ltd, Canalside, Pelham Street , Hanley Stoke-on-Trent, ST1 3LL

Tel: 01782 204479


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