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Technical Life Coaching for Engineers and IT Professionals

Before starting my new career in psychotherapy and life coaching, I worked for 20 years in technical fields - the chemical industry, process control and automation, programming, software and information technology. I became aware that technical people were often the creative life-blood of their organisations, but all too often did not receive the status and financial rewards they deserved. All too often it was the financial and sales people who called the shots, while the programmers and engineers were bogged down with problem solving and fire fighting.

It was a dissatisfaction with my own status and levels of reward that drove me to change career. I realised that it was no good blaming others if things weren't going the way I wanted - it was up to me to take the necessary steps to ensure that I got the results I believed I deserved. I identified several new skills that I needed to acquire - these included becoming as good at working with people as I had previously been with machines, mastering the principles and skills of marketing, becoming comfortable at selling to customers, and taking hold of the financial reins of my own business.

Through successfully applying these changes to my own life and career, I feel confident in offering my services to other technical people who may be experiencing similar frustrations. Whether you are a programmer, IT professional or engineer, my experiences enable me to speak your language and appreciate the stresses and challenges you are facing.

Life Coaching

Life coaching is a set of techniques that facilitate you in identifying and achieving the results you want. The techniques are very simple, yet when applied consistently they will help you move steadily towards your goals. There is no magic in life coaching - it is you that does the work, with the coach providing encouragement, motivation and support.

Life coaching can be applied in many ways - some of these include:

  • advancing your career
  • taking control of your life
  • becoming more assertive in your organisation
  • enhancing creativity
  • improving your skills in dealing with people
  • getting the most out of organisational change
  • negotiating for the rewards you deserve
  • becoming more effective in dealing with meetings, presentations, customers
  • promoting yourself more successfully
  • developing your own product
  • setting up your own business

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